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A business plan is an essential map in hands of the members of the business which contains the potential disaster that a business can face and how to cope with its impact & grow. It needs to be strategized carefully so that there is no loophole in the plan and a business can run successfully.Strategize a flawless business plan with a team of Experts. Stand out from the crowd with your business plan.

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Business plans are used to influence Angel Investors, Venture capitalists, and Banking institutions by showing them a glimpse of the potential of the business. A business plan is a very significant document to any business because it contains its idea, purpose, vision, and mission of it. A business plan is a thoroughly strategized document that can play the role of a pitch deck or report. A good business plan must contain all the material information that can have an impact on the investor's decisions and the company's financial situation.
A business is a journey to cover a distance from today to the future. This distance contains many events which will decide what will you receive in the future. To be in a position of greater profitability it is important to define your plan thoroughly with a bulletproof strategy that is included in a business plan. It must contain all the general business information regarding the founder and financial projection. Legal24by7 has a team of professionals that can help you prepare a flawless business plan to grow your business


1.    To create a future Outlook 
Legal24by7 will help you in creating a future Outlook that will give you a clear picture of major and essential information that is going to play a big role in your success. 
2.    Pitch for Investors 
To influence the investor and make them believe in your dreams you have to be a little different from others. If you think from the investor's point of view, they do not have time to listen, understand, and analyze an idea that is comparably bland for them. Creating a business plan which has enough uniqueness that can attract the eyes of investors is important and this is possible with Legal24by7.
3.    To form a proper Financial Structure
If you want to raise money through Debt or Equity Shares in both cases you need a proper business plan.
4.    For Individual Funding 
With a unique business plan, you can influence anyone which includes your family, friends, or colleagues.

Documents Required

•    PAN of the company
•    Other Identity Proof like Aadhar Card/ Passport / Driving License / Voter Identity Card 
•    List of directors (Minimum 2 members who are not minors or more) 
•    At least one Director Should be Indian 
•    Board Resolution
•    Identity proof of directors
•    Address proof of directors
Additional Documents
•    No-Objection letter by the owner of the address company is using 
•    Supporting documents to be signed by the owner to verify the address like Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Gas Bill / Water Bill


1.    Select Package 
Your journey starts with the package selection. Our team of professionals is here to assist you & solve your doubts accordingly. 
2.    Comprehension & Outlining 
We will understand your business model thoroughly and then help you outline a flawless business plan.
3.    Analysis & Completion 
Within a time, frame of 15 walking days, we will prepare a comprehensive business plan.
4.    After Completion Support 
We will also provide you 3 months after completion support to help your business thrive. 

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Yes, it is necessary to make a business plan if you want to set your journey more goal-oriented. A business plan gives you a clear image of what your destination should be after 5 or 10 years and how you can achieve it.

No, if you think that a business plan will only help you in getting investors then this is something wrong because a business plan has a lot more benefits. It makes your business journey more predictable and stable.

No, there is not any specific format for a business plan but it should contain all the material information that is necessary to be mentioned for the future of the company.

If you want to change your business plan or add something to it you can do it at any point in time.

No, there is not any rigid rule about the number of pages in a business plan.

You can show your business plan to the people you are pitching for funds for example financial institutions, investors, or even individuals.

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