Employee Agreement

An Employee Bond Agreement is a contract between the employee and his employer. The agreement states the
pledge taken by the employee that he/she will pay a particular amount to his/her employer if she vacates the
organization before the decided period.
The agreement defines the term and conditions of the employment, roles, and responsibilities of the employee and
employers as well. The law mandates providing this agreement in the early days of employment or no later than two
months from the starting day of employment to the employee. The other term used for this is Employee Non-
Disclosure Agreement.

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An Employment Agreement or Employee Bond Agreement is a legal contract between the employee and employer. It
mentioned the rights, roles, duties, powers, benefits, policies, and other necessary things for both parties. It is an
important document that provides guidance to the employee about their rights and policies and also guides the

employer about their roles and responsibilities. The agreement controls the employee’s efficiency apart from their
position in an organization. The organization treats everyone as an employee whether it is the CEO of the company or
any junior executive. So, the agreement plays a crucial role throughout light on their jobs and duties.
Components of Employment Agreement
The agreement has various components which include employment-related terms and conditions. Some of the
components related to employee agreements include –

 Employees Job Description
 Leave Related Policy
 Employment Terms
 Employee Compensation
 Bases of the Termination
 Benefits of the Employee
 Dispute Resolutions
 Personal Information Confidentiality
 Right Intellectual Property
 Governing Laws and Jurisdiction
Note: A Service Agreement will be drafted in a situation where an individual is hired on contract for a particular
project and time.


Documents Required

Documents Required
 PAN Card
 Certificate of Incorporation
 MoA & AoA of Private Company
 Audited Financial Statements
 Audit Report & Board Report
 DSC of Director


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An employee agreement is a single binding legal document between the employer and employee. It reflects the roles, responsibilities, goals, and rights of both parties during the employment term.

 Limiting Covenants  Safety of trade secrets  Transparency upon terms of employment  Dispute resolution

The employee contracts provide employees with a clear vision and understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It makes it clear what a company expects from the employee.

No, it is not mandatory to provide employment contracts.

Provide than employee insight into his roles and responsibilities.  Mention to the employee the laws of employment  Describe all the circumstances required to follow by the employees  Set goals for both the parties  Protect the interest of the employer.

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