PF & ESI Registration

PF ESI is to be maintained for the Welfare of employees and workers. PF stands for the Provident Fund which is
nothing but a part of an employee's salary that is to be kept aside for the savings and future needs from the side of
the employer. ESI stands for Employee State Insurance which is launched by the government of India. It is created to
give medical, monetary, and other benefits to the workers.
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The Employees Provident Fund Organization of India is responsible for regulating the mechanism of the Employment
Provident Fund. In a nutshell, it is a perk present for salaried employees as they get retired. Every such business or
organization which have 20 or more employees must get themselves registered with EPFO. PF is nothing but a
motivation for constant saving for employees whose salary is up to INR 6500 or more.
ESI is regulated by the Employment State Insurance Corporation of India it is below the Ministry of Labor and
Employment Government of India. Any company which has more than 10 employees with a salary of INR 15,000 or
more must get themselves registered with ESIC. The scheme of ESI is made to give the workers various benefits that
can enhance their quality of life.


1. Medical benefit
Getting registered means every worker with the right status will get the full medical benefit which is also
available for their family members.
2. Sickness benefit
In a nutshell, it is a paid leave given to every worker which can be as long as 91 days per year.
3. Maternity Benefit
This benefit could be of up to 3 months to give relief to pregnant women workers.
4. Disablement benefit
A permanent disablement benefit is payable up to the rate of 90% of wages in the form of monthly payments.
5. Dependent benefit
In case of death due to injury in the workplace or occupational hazards, 90% of the wage is to be payable as a
dependent benefit.

Documents Required

 Registration certificates obtained under different acts
 Partnership deed in case of partnership
 List of employees
 PAN card of all employees and business
 Compensation details
 Cancel cheque
 List of directors
 List of shareholders


1. Select Package
Your journey starts with the package selection. Our team of professionals is here to assist you & solve your
doubts accordingly.
2. Obtaining information and documents
We will help you collect all the necessary information and documents required
3. Apply for PF and ESI online
We will take this process for you and help you get your 17-digit unique number as a token of registration.

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Those who have a salary of more than INR 6,500 must contribute to this.

Yes, you have to fill the nomination form number 2.

Yes, you have to fill the form number 15.

An organization that has more than 10 employees must get registered for ESI and if the number of employees exceeds 20 the PF is mandatory.

If an employee's salary does not exceed INR 21,000 per month, then he can enjoy this benefit.

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