MSME/SSI Registration

Recognizing the significance of MSME or SSI in the growth of countries' economy government has started MSMED act
encouraging the establishment of more and more such businesses. To avail of the benefits of the act, a list is
maintained of all the MSME and SSI. To get your name under this list you need an MSME or exercise certificate of
registration registered with the Central government, and MSME department under the act of MSME development
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  • MSME Registration
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  • MSME Registration
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The title SSI is now recognized and registered as MSME which stands for micro, small, and medium enterprises. It is
classified based on the yearly revenue of the business. To get the best benefit that which government provides it is
necessary to get the MSME registration certificate filed with the MSME department of the central government below
the MSME development Act 2006. It is necessary so that MSMEs can get the support that they require for their
growth. Trading and other such activities are suspended from getting the benefit of this act.


1. Lower rate of interest
To provide support through loans to the micro, small, and medium industry government is providing the
facility of lower interest rates.
2. 50% Rebate
You can avail of the benefit of a 50% rebate on trademark applications by the government.
3. Protection
MSME that is registered can enjoy the benefit against the delayed payment of buyers. It makes it obligatory
for buyers to pay on time after buying the goods.
4. Credit scheme
The credit guarantee fund scheme for micro and small Enterprises is supporting in the shape of credit and
income input from various sources for businesses that are struggling to survive.

Documents Required

1. Aadhar card
2. PAN card
3. Supporting documents like rent agreements or property paper
4. Canceled cheque
5. Business address
6. Partnership deed or AOA & MOA
7. Other supporting documents like copies of licenses and bills of a machinery purchase


1. Select Package
Your journey starts with the package selection. Our team of professionals is here to assist you & solve your
doubts accordingly.
2. Obtaining information and documents
We will help you collect all the necessary information and documents required
3. Preparation of application
We will help you in preparing and where to find the application with the necessary documents.
4. Registration of application
We will help you register the application with the Ministry of MSME to complete the process.
5. Certificate of registration
After completion of the process, you will receive the certificate of registration.

Why Us?

Legal24by7 is here to make everything easy for you. If you have any doubts about how to start with the procedure,
we are here to resolve this confusion for you. We will enlighten you about what are the different criteria you must
fulfill & what is the best possible way you can do everything smoothly. For convenient MSME/SSI Registration, we
have a team of highly skilled professionals and a large network of people who can assist you with every service that
you will need.


All micro, medium, and small industries involved in the manufacturing, wholesale, and service industries are suitable for registration below MSME. The funding in plant and machinery shall be less than 50 crores and annual turnover shall be less than 250 crores.

No, the registration of MSME is not compulsory but the industry that registered itself is exposed to many benefits like financial support.

Yes, Aadhar Card is mandatory for an enterprise to be registered under MSME.

Few days after getting registered enterprises also get an MSME registration certificate which is also called Udyam Registration Certificate. The tenure of the MSME registration certificate is of a lifetime.

Companies registered under MSME get the benefit of availing bank loans at a lower rate of interest. This rate is always much below the regular loans provided to the public. Thus, it is highly beneficial for small-scale enterprises, and in this way, it can encourage you to take a Bank Loan.

The validity of an MSME certificate is Lifetime.

No separate registration certificates for manufacturing plants in different cities is not required. A single registration certificate is valid for all units or branches.

Yes, wholesale and retail traders can also apply for MSME. In the beginning, only the manufacturing and service sector was allowed to apply but from July 2021 the government also included traders under the MSME scheme.

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