Payroll Accounting

Payroll stands for the amount of money that an employer provides to the employees. The
employees of an organization get their payment under the payroll administration system. Payroll
accounting is a process of documentation of the reports of employees for employee compensation.
Payroll accountants play an important role in the payroll accounting process. They have to make
sure that all the documents are filed in the right manner so the employees can get their earnings for
the completed job.
Legal24by7 has a team of payroll accountants that will make the payroll process very easy
and smooth for you.

Payroll Service
  • 1 Year GST Filing
  • TDS Filing
  • Income Tax Filing
  • Monthly payroll processing
  • ESI/PF filing. Accountant
  • HR will be assigned on request of client
  • upto 25 lakhs and 25 employees
  • data provided by the Client will remain confidential with Legal24by7

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Payroll accounting is a process of calculation, management, estimation, and reporting of the wages
of employees. It also includes negotiation for benefits and withholding taxes and compensatory
reductions. The country’s legal authorities also regulated the payroll process through their legal

The small businesses and startups did not have any big HR departments and payroll departments to
do this task. Outsourcing payroll accountants from legal24by7 can help the business to be more
focused on the expansion of their businesses.


Why Outsourcing Payroll Accounting to Legal24by7?

1. Enhancing Productivity & Time Saving Process
The accounting of payroll becomes a tough job for a business and consumes a lot of their
time. It is also a bulky process of keeping a record of all the activities of termination, new
hires, benefit reductions, and government authorities can make it more frustrating by
changing the regulations.
The team Legal24by7 reduces the workload of their hosts so they can more focus on their
business and its expansion rather than be stuck in this process. Our experts make a strategic
plan that helps the HRs and accounting personnel to solve the payroll process. Employers
just need to connect with the specialist in the approved time slot once each pay period.
2. Payroll Process with the Team of Experts
We have a team of experts that has deep knowledge of the payroll and also they are up to
date with the new regulations of which a business may not be aware. Now with the payroll
accounting services of leal24by7, the small business can also take benefit from the expertise.
3. Reduction in the Cost
Our services can reduce the cost of payroll processing. The big companies have the strength
to spend their money on payroll departments however it is not feasible for the small and
medium companies where the employee strength is not more than 30. It is a good chance
for them to save a lot of money.

Documents Required

 Title of the invention
 Certificate of Registration
 Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) document
 Company GST
 Choose a payment schedule
 Classify employees
 Terms of compensation


1. Package selection
First, select a suitable package and fill in the required details and forms or ask the experts for
any type of support.
2. Collecting the information regarding company employees
The team will collect all necessary details of the employees.
3. Calculation of payroll
The team of legal24by7 will calculate the net pay after adjusting important taxes and other
4. Payroll Accounting
The team will maintain a record of all financial transactions and check the data in the
accounting system.

Why Us?

Legal24by7 is here to make everything easy for you. If you have any doubts about how to start with
the procedure, we are here to resolve this confusion for you. We will enlighten you about what are
the different criteria you must fulfill & what is the best possible way you can do everything
smoothly. For convenient Payroll Accounting, we have a team of highly skilled professionals and a
large network of people who can assist you with every service that you will need.


Payroll accounting is a process of documentation of the reports of employees for employee compensation.

The payroll accounting process has many stages that include calculation, management, estimation, and reporting of the wages of employees but the team of legal24by7 makes it easy for the business through their expert team.

The payroll process is a challenging task in itself. The challenges become bigger when it comes to payrolling in small businesses and startups or the payroll in the early days of the business. It takes a lot of human resources and time for this work. So, we offer you the best team that has the knowledge of the field and will ease your work.

Payroll is sometimes a part of HR and sometimes a part of finance. It is not completely a part of any one of them.

A payroll accountant needs to do many tasks including updating new hires, termination, ensuring legal compliance, accuracy in the records and reports, and many more.

The major parts of payroll include Gross Salary, Net Salary, Ad-Hoc Pay, and Benefits.

Yes, the legal authorities affect the legal process through their legal obligations and regulations.

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