GST Filing

The Goods and service tax law is an important and indirect tax scheme in India. The
supplier-registered companies or firms are compulsion to fulfill compliance and norms. The
GST law depends upon the company’s turnover and the projects, the specifications, and the
time tenure of filing returns.
The GST return filing helps the taxpayers to get to know about the GSTN about the inflow
and outflow of the tax paid and tax gathered.
The Government has the data of supplier’s registered companies or firms with taxable
activities. The taxpayers have to pay the expected amount of tax collected from the other
supplier of goods and services after the reduction of the Input Tax Credit (ITC).

NIL GST Return
  • GST Return Filing for 1 months (inclusive of Purchase & Sales) for ONE GSTIN
  • For upto 10 B2B invoices
  • Filing for B2B and B2C invoices
  • Unlimited B2C invoices
  • Sales GST Returns (GSTR-1) within due dates
  • One filing of either GSTR-1 or GSTR-3B
  • Book-Keeping and Accounting are not part of this package
Monthly GST Return
  • A Single GST Return filing carrying transactions up to 50 during the relevant period
  • Support through the entire registration procedure
  • Sales GST Returns (GSTR-1) within due dates
  • Expert Assigned
  • Completed Within 24-48hrs working hours
Annual Package
  • GST Returns filing for the complete financial year.
  • Filing for B2B and B2C invoices
  • TDS Return Filing
  • Accountant will be assigned on request of client
  • 1 year package
  • Income Tax Filing
  • Sales GST Returns (GSTR-1) within due dates
  • Monthly Delivery of Services
  • Expert Assigned

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The GST online filing helps in the Goods and service tax network (GSTN) where the
taxpayer knows about the inflow and outflow of stocks, as well as the total tax is given tax
and collected tax. The taxpayer has to pay the amount of tax obtained to the government.
The reporting of the taxable transactions to the government is necessary to pay the amount
of tax obtained from an output supplier of goods and services minus the Input Tax Credit


1. Easy and equal form for all
The GST law has defined 3 types of tax collections- IGST, CGST, and SGST. It need
not required different products, it’s a single form of tax. With the help of online GST
filing, it can be easily done by anyone.
2. To avoid the penalties and interest
With GST filing the taxpayers get free from the penalties of delaying. Otherwise,
Rs.50 per day will charge to the taxpayer if he delays filing the GST.
3. Unified flow of ITCC
When the supplier has already paid the tax, that amount is deducted from the tax
liability. If both parties have filed returns to record the tax paid and collected
transaction, the Input Tax Credit can be transferred to the buyer. If the return is not
filed in time, the registered person cannot claim the input credit.

Documents Required

 DSC of Authorised Partner or Director, in case of LLP and Company only
 GST Registration Certificate
 Details of Supplies


1. Package Selection
The simple step is where you have to choose one package according to your choice.
Fill out the required forms and speak to our expert experienced team member for any
assistance online.
2. Documentation step
In this step, we will collect the information to understand the filed details and move
further with the documentation.

3. Process and Approval of GST returns
In this process, we will prepare and initiate the GST return file after your consultation
and approval.
4. GST Return Status
In this step, we apply to file the GST through the GST system portal and it will
automatically generate ARN no., with the help of ARN no. you can track the return
file status.
5. Acknowledgement of GST returns
Legal24by7 will provide you with the receipt of the successful filing of GST returns.

Why Us?

Legal24by7 is here to make everything easy for you. If you have any doubts about how to start with
the procedure, we are here to resolve this confusion for you. We will enlighten you about what are
the different criteria you must fulfill & what is the best possible way you can do everything
smoothly. For convenient GST Filing, we have a team of highly skilled professionals and a large
network of people who can assist you with every service that you will need.


There are some easy steps for filing a GSTR which include –  Going on the GST portal is the first step.  A GST identification number will be issued based on the taxpayer’s state code and PAN number.  As a next step, taxpayers must upload their invoices at the portal then an invoice reference number will be generated.  After that the person needs to file the returns on the portal.

GST registration does not have any expiry date. The registration is valid until it is surrounded or canceled. The GST registration validity is 90 days for those taxpayers who are nonresident

The tax offender or a person who is making short payments must pay a penalty of 10% of the tax amount. The minimum tax penalty is Rs. 10,000 and the maximum penalty is 10% of the tax amount that has not been paid by the offender.

The mandatory details needed to file a GST return are as follows GST registration certificate, Log-in credentials of the registered person, details of supplies, and DSC of authorized partner or director in case of company or LLP.

Yes, GST return filing is a mandatory process under the GST act. A person must file a nil return even if there is no transaction happened. Also, No one can file a GST return without filing the previous month’s or quarter’s return.

Under the GST act, every individual must produce their income to the Tax Department of India, which is known as a return, and it has the details of every sale and purchase done by an individual. Under the taxation system, the concerned individuals need to file their GST return 26 times a year.

Yes, one can make amendments to a filed GSTR-1 of a particular tax period. The person needs to declare the amended details in the return.

If a taxpayer did not file GSTR for more than six months continuously then the concerned officer of GST has the right to cancel his GST registration.

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