E-Way Bill

In this process, the bill is generated online on a Central Government official portal to help
with the movement of goods.
It is similar to the past bills like VAT, and the CST methods. E-way bill is under the
centralized GST law. The e-way bill is nothing but the GST-registered transportation of
goods from one state to another, it can be intrastate or can be Inter-state movements. It is
implemented in April 2018 by PAN India.

eWay Bill
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E-way bill is an electronic way-generated bill for the transportation of goods. The movement
of goods should be more than 50,000 Rs from one place to another in India except for New
Delhi. For Delhi, the transportation goods value is higher than 1 lakhs Rs. The e-way bill
depends upon the distance traveled by the goods from one place to another whether it can
be inter-state or intra-state.


1. Single Document process
The burden of physical papers and multiple paper verification is replaced by the
single document process of electronic bills. The easiest process with online
accessibility reduced the state-wise documentation and another long process as well.
2. Effective and Faster Movement
The online portal will be effective as compared to physical document verification. The
all-time accessibility and availability to verify the documents and no need to travel to
another state for verification processes.

Documents Required

 Invoice
 Transporter ID
 Proof of Place of Business (Electricity Bill or rent-lease agreement, latest property tax
receipt, etc.)
 Transport document number.
 The date on the document.


1. Package Selection Porches
Under this process, the client has to choose the appropriate package also fill out the
required form, and speak to our expert team members for assistance.
2. Basic document collection and Information Generation
In this stage, the basic details and file required documents and other rules and
procedures are initiated.
3. Preparation of E-way bill
We will prepare the e-way bill and take approval with your consultation for further
4. Generating E-way bill
The last process is about the file application online and generating of E-way bill.

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Legal24by7 is here to make everything easy for you. If you have any doubts about how to start with
the procedure, we are here to resolve this confusion for you. We will enlighten you about what are
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E-way bill is an electronically generated document-based mechanism that uses to track the movement of goods from one place to another and is also an effective tool to check tax evasion.

E-way bill validity is dependent on the distance to be covered goods.

If the transportation of goods of more than Rs. 50,000 happens from one point to another then an E-way bill needs to be generated by the registered person or the transporter. The transporter or the registered person may choose to generate an E-way bill if the value of the goods is under Rs. 50,000.

The E-way bill is valid for a day from the relevant date for a distance of less than 100 km. For a distance of more than 100 km, the validity will be an additional one day from the given date.

To download the E-way bill, visit the official website for E-way bill and fill in the login credentials then go to the reports tab and click on download from My E-way bill Report.

Yes, there is such an option available that can extend the validity of the E-way bill after the expiry period. The option is available for an extension of the e-way bill before and after 4 hours of the expiry date. To extend the validity of the bill, a transporter must enter the e- way bill number along with the reason for the extension. He should also mention the approximate distance of travel to cover from the current place and part B details as well.

The important documents needed to generate an E-way bill include an invoice, transporter ID, proof of the place of business, transport document number, and the date on the document.

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