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Legal24by7 is committed to creating long-lasting partnerships with its clients through its quality services and expert counselors. The main motto and vision of legal24by7 lie in a healthy relationship with their clients and partners. We offer a great range of premium services and welcome all firms, individuals, and companies to start partnering with us for availing of our services.

Our partners get a chance to expand their business and enhance their profitability. With our legal consultations and advice, businesses, companies, and individual can improve their business legal matters. Our passionate team has years of experience with deep knowledge in tax, trademark, invoice, and many other legal matters. With their expertise, you can easily solve your legal issues efficiently. Legal24by7 keeps its partners as its priority. Now it’s your time to be our partner and get all the class services at affordable cost.

Who can partner with us?
StartUp Enablers

Organizations and individuals who are crucial to nurturing the StartUp ecosystem for mutual benefit can become our partners. The sole aim of Legal24by7 is to boost the growth of our clients and help our partners to expand their reach by providing them with a network of innovative startups and people who need them.

You can connect with us if you are a
  • Investors
  • Legal24by7 have created a network of successful startups and organization which will make your sum invested worthful. With a huge idea base and innovative outlook, you can select and invest in those particular ones you feel are the most suited for you. By becoming our partner, you will be able to enter this progressive network in no time.
  • Incubators
  • To get all of the connected startups through the survival stage we need your partnership. If you are a StartUp incubator, you can connect with us because the platform created by Legal24by7 is perfect for you to spend your time and effort. Here you will find startups with a great vision and path to achieve it, spending your resources and nurturing such startups will bring success to you.
  • Accelerators
  • If you provide the opportunity or organize the StartUp accelerator programs you can connect with us. We are looking for partners who can contribute to the success of the startups connected with us and we can help you in branding your program and providing you with a great StartUp base.
  • Mentors
  • If you are a mentor who organizes various mentorship programs for startups you can connect with us and we will help you in your marketing and spreading your brand awareness. We are connected with hundreds of startups that need your mentorship to grow.
  • Lawyer
  • If you are a law firm or an individual lawyer, you can partner with us, we will help you get a good amount of legal cases to handle and through you, we will be able to provide efficient services to our customers.
  • Charted Accountant
  • We have a vast network of customers who need your help in growing, partner with us to enter the network of progressive startups and get yourself ample opportunities to grow. We can help you to expand your reach and find a huge customer base in one place.
  • Company Secretary
  • The StartUp ecosystem which we have created needs your help in getting through the complex registration and other significant company law compliance. If you are looking for more networking opportunities, then partner with us to join our team of successful startups and help them grow.

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